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 C  A  L  L    B  A  C  K    A  U  D  I  T  I  O  N  S
Wednesday, May 10, 5-6:30pm


1. Find your name on the list/lists of songs.

2. Click on the song title to access the sheet music.

3. Learn the sections of the songs between the red lines.

CLICK HERE to listen to a cast recording 

CLICK HERE to read the script

Song Lists:

"The Nickel Under the Foot"

Aimee Sanchez, Julietta Ceballos, Clarissa Contreras, Diana Gomez

"Joe Worker"

Aimee Sanchez, Julietta Ceballos, Clarissa Contreras, Diana Gomez, Ina Lelevier, Emilia Molina

"The Freedom of the Press"

Please learn both roles in this song - Mr. Mister & Editor Daily
Michael Angelo Sansano, Francisco Ochoa,  Santiago Gordillo, Xochitl Ramos, Flynn Leiter, 

Julyun Cabogason, Andrew Gerken, Lalo Sanchez

"The Cradle Will Rock" 

Julian Ortega-Flores, Kevin Stevens, Julyun Cabogason, Michael Angelo Sansano


Most roles may be played by an actor of any racial or gender identification.

Rehearsals begin on August 21st - the first day of the fall '23 semester.

Rehearsals: Monday thru Friday, 5-9pm. Performances: 10/4 thru 10/14.

CLICK HERE to read a synopsis and learn about the composer, Mark  Blitzstein


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