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C A S T   L I S T 


Thank you again to all of you who auditioned. As stated in my last email, it was an extremely tough decision.

Anne- Skye Matini

Mr. Frank- John Tessmer

Mrs. Frank- Taylor Wiggins

Margot- Julietta Ceballos

Peter- Albert Almador Jr.

Mr. Van Daan- “Bear” George Swarez-Solis

Mrs. Van Daan- Rosa Maria Pritchard

Dussel- William Carlton

Miep- Kiana Fernando

Mr. Kraler- Xochitl Ramos

Nazis- Marcos Torres

           Xavier Alstor

           Jesus Eduardo Sanchez


Please email by Monday March 7th if you accept your role.

If you were not cast but would like to chat with me regarding understudying, please contact me as well.

If cast, please register for TA 141-62.

Rehearsals will begin Monday March 21st. You will receive an email with more information in the coming weeks.